Addition and Subtraction Penguin Game

We have been learning all about addition and subtraction and this game was a HIT! I had this penguin game from Learning Resources so I added dice, number poppers, and spinners along with a +/- cube and turned it into a fun math game.

To play, I partnered up each student. The game came with 10 icebergs and 100 penguins so this was perfect for partner work. They did not start with any penguins so if they rolled a – sign they just had to keep playing until they were able to add penguins to their iceberg.

It was fun to watch them get excited about adding and subtracting with their peers. This can be played with any theme and any manipulatives you have in your classroom. Mini erasers would be a great option.

Watch the short video to see all the fun! You have got to try this!

Click the images above to purchase the items I used for this game.

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